Snout & Company

Location: Truly a Mobile truck.  Track them down here

Hours: Hours are normally lunch time on weekdays and afternoons on Sat but to be sure check their Twitter.

A newcomer to the mobile scene but they have made a huge splash winning the 2011 Mobile Food Rodeo in Seattle.

I tried their Seattle Cuban, the Picadillo, and Collard Greens with Ham Hock. I really enjoyed everything except the Picadillo which is what people seem to be raving about. I’m not sure what it really was about that Picadillo that let me down. I came here with high expectations that may have caused some of the disappointment. Or it maybe the lack of salt on the Picadillo. To me, all it really tasted like was Chinese five spice with bay leaves.

With that out of the way, now for the good stuff. The Seattle Cuban was fricking awesome. I really love the mojo pork and the red onion relish. The bread was also pressed perfectly leaving a crunchy shell for all the juiciness within. The sandwich came with a mango sauce which I though was not really necessary since there were already hunks of mango inside the Seattle Cuban. Maybe it would add more to the regular Cuban sandwich, since it does not come with mango. When eating the sandwich it was messy; the layer of butter on the bread will drip everywhere. Make sure you grab a few extra napkins.

As for the collard greens with smoked ham hock (meat from pig legs)…man, this was good! I definitely didn’t grow up eating greens but having traveled all over the US I have come to really appreciate it. For one, collard greens comes from the same family as kale; so the stuff is good for you. But most importantly it’s just delicious stuff (if cooked right). Snout and Co didn’t do anything anything with the greens I haven’t had already but the execution of the smoked ham hock added to the saltiness of the greens was an amazing combo.

In the end there was a lot more good than bad at Snout & Co. I would come back here for the sandwiches and the collar greens any day but will probably skip Picadillo in the future. So your next trip here, pickup the Seattle Cuban for about $9 after tax and if you really want to splurge try out the Collard Greens Carne style with smoked ham for about $5 after tax.

Note – The location I went to was in the Trident Seafood Headquarters at 5303 Shilshole Ave NW (they are here from 11-2). This location is really hidden. I had to drive all the way around this huge complex to find the food truck next to the loading bay for the semi-trucks.

Yelp – 4.5/5.0 (31Ratings)
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