Skillet Counter

305 Harrison St
Seattle, WA 98109

Mon-Sun 8:00 am – 8:00 pm

Skillet is one of my favorite places to eat in Seattle. I first started following them when they were just a food truck (Skillet Mobile). Now, they also have Skillet Diner in Capital Hill and Skillet Counter in Queen Anne. For the most part you can get their most popular items at all of the locations. The biggest difference between each of the locations is the type of service you get and price of the food.

Skillet Counter is the newest of the Skillet locations and is located in the Armory aka the Center House in Seattle Center. It’s more of a fast food style restaurant than the Diner location. Not a big deal for me since they have the Fried Chicken Sammy and the Bacon Jam Burger on the menu. My last trip here I got the Sammy and it was delicious as always. The Sammy comes with a huge piece of fried chicken breast with a fennel seed crust, jalapeño aioli, and kale all in a potato bread bun. The jalapeño aioli along with the fennel seeds gives the sammy just a little bit of heat but still do able for most people. The meal also comes with a side of french fries that have been tossed with kosher salt and cilantro. I normally like my fries more on the soggy side (like Dick’s Burger’s fries) so these were perfect for me. Flavor on these guys are also really good. Probably one of the better french fries in the Seattle-area.

The grand total for all that food was $10.90 after tax. This is about $2 cheaper than the diner location. Plus there was no wait for a seat since there plenty of seating in the Armory. So if you don’t mind busing your own table and eating in more of a food-court style location save yourself a few bucks and head to Skillet Counter.

Yelp – 3.5/5.0 Stars (25 Ratings)
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