Capital Restaurant

839 Clay St
San Francisco, CA 94108

So you are in San Francisco and you want some good Chinese food, where do you go? Well, there’s tons of great places here for sure like R&G Lounge but my favorite here is Capital Restaurant. These guys are known for their Pepper Fried Chicken Wings; which they self-proclaim to be famous for. I normally don’t believe restaurants when they hype themselves up for being famous for whatever reason but these guys definitely did not disappoint.

Of course I had to order up some of the wings when I was here. An order comes with 10 wings or so and is covered in slices of jalapeno peppers (actually not that spicy though). The wings are fricking huge and are probably genetically overgrown but who cares there’s more meat. The outside is super crunchy without the excess batter like some places. There’s a nice saltiness and jalapeno flavor to the wings. The inside is always cooked perfectly and is piping hot. Be aware though it does take a little longer if you order the wings because its takes a while to fry up these giant chicken wings. An order of these wings are about $7 after tax

I’ve also tried the Beef Chow Fun and the Egg Tofu with Ground Meat. The Chow Fun is not the best I’ve had but it’s still not bad. The Egg Tofu with Ground Meat on the other had is top notch. Some of the best tofu dishes I have ever had. Either one will run you about $8 after tax.

Probably the best value in this area. Save yourself a few bucks and get some of the best cheap Chinese food in San Francisco.

Note – Cash only

Yelp – 4.0/5.0 Stars (300 Ratings)
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